Time Management

We know that time is money, right? When it comes to the workplace, it is essential to have tools that help you ensure optimization. Time Management applications integrated with Cornerstone will be your best allies, we tell you why:

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5 reasons to approach your Time management in an integrated way with Cornerstone:

Time Management

Manage vacations and absences

Registration and approval of vacations in a simple way in the same tool. Your employees will be able to check their available vacation days, as well as request other days of leave (moving, maternity, paternity…), all in a couple of clicks! In addition, we facilitate the administration of managers, since they will have full visibility of their team’s absences on the same screen.

Time Management

Control the presence of your employees

We help you to meet the standards of current regulations in a faster way. With a single click, your employees will be able to clock in and out of their working day. In addition, you will be able to have access to different types of information: who is in the office and who is working from home, geolocated tracking with mobile devices, excess or lack of hours worked per employee, absenteeism and much more.

Time Management

Plan work shifts

A well-planned team guarantees the coverage of organizational needs. Create as many shift calendars as you need quickly and easily, taking into account the labor legislation, collective agreement or the rules of your company.
Time Management

‘Mobile first’

Access the system and manage the information anytime through its mobile APP version. We make it easy for you!

Time Management

Create all the reports you need

Generate personalized reports with the information you want about your employees; simplify the management of your absenteeism processes, overtime, rotating shifts, working hours and more.

About us

We are an expert team, with more than 15 years of experience in the HR technology sector. In addition, we are the only partner in Spain fully dedicated to the implementation of Cornerstone OnDemand projects.

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Time management applications integrated with Cornerstone + evoluxia make it!

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