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We are evoluxia; an HR technology consultancy specialized in the market’s leading cloud platform for Talent Management: Cornerstone.

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Prepare the workers of the future
with Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a modern talent management solution based on artificial intelligence. Inspire your employees and accelerate transformation with personalized, goal-oriented growth experiences.

15+ years of experience

We are an expert team, with more than 15 years of experience in the HR technology sector. We have worked for companies from different industries and with international presence; which allows us to offer our clients solutions, success stories and models based on ‘best practices’. In addition, we are the only partner in Spain fully dedicated to the implementation of Cornerstone projects.

What do we do?

Process definition

We help you define step by step all the needs within each business process, providing proven models and previous experiences.

Maximum profitability

Maximum profitability for our clients, requiring minimal dedication from the project teams.

Own project methodology

We provide an innovative methodology that facilitates and accelerates projects by more than 50%, reducing user dedication and costs.

Continuous Innovation

Custom HTML5 page design to deliver feature enhancement and innovative solutions.

The Ultimate Success Formula:
Cornerstone + evoluxia make it!

Cornerstone + Evoluxia

HR Suite

Increasingly, people management solutions must be flexible and adaptable to local and global needs. Thanks to Cornerstone Core HR you will be able to digitalize an employee’s entire file, including their historical data and other documentation. Additionally, with the HR portal, you will be able to easily manage internal procedures between employees and your company.

Cornerstone + Evoluxia

Performance Suite

We know that good talent management is essential to build the strategic future of your company. Cornerstone Performance Suite will allow you to evaluate performance, identify the potential of your employees, create succession plans, manage your compensation process and much more. By developing your team, you will boost your business to another level

Cornerstone + Evoluxia

Learning Suite

In challenging, changing and demanding work environments, employees are required to learn constantly. In order to achieve this goal, there’s nothing better than the most complete training system in the world: Cornerstone Learning. We show you how we can accompany your company’s learning strategy, making a difference.

Cornerstone + Evoluxia

Recruiting Suite

Understanding the importance of choosing the right candidates is easy; how to do it is the keyCornerstone Recruiting will help you in the management of your recruitment processes and will make it easier for you to find and incorporate the best talent for your company. 

Cornerstone + Evoluxia

Time Management

We know that time is money, right? When it comes to the labor market, it is essential to have tools that help you ensure optimization. Time Management applications integrated with Cornerstone will be your best allies, we tell you why:

A comprehensive, reliable and personalized service

Thanks to the eIP ‘evoluxia Integration Platform’, our own integration platform based on AWS (Amazon Web Services), Cornerstone can be integrated with any other system. The most reliable and secure way to have all your exact information, always updated and without surprises.

Why evoluxia?


Our more than 15 years in the field of HR and more than 40 technological projects constitute our maximum guarantee.

Certified partner

We have the necessary certifications to be able to undertake any type of project that our clients may need.


evoluxia is the only partner in Spain that dedicates 100% of its activity to carrying out Cornerstone projects.

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