Understanding the importance of choosing the right candidates is easy; how to do it is the key. Cornerstone Recruiting will help you in the management of your recruitment processes and will make it easier for you to find and incorporate the best talent for your company. We tell you how to do it:

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5 reasons to choose
Cornerstone Recruiting:

Cornerstone Recruiting

Save time

Publish offers, organize interviews and other day-to-day tasks in the simplest way. Automate and simplify your selection processes, thanks to a simple and guided system based on templates, which allows you to dedicate your time to the highest value tasks.
Cornerstone Recruiting

Receive and offer the best user experience

Eliminate unnecessary steps and experience an easy and simple selection process! Your candidates can apply in 1 minute and your screening process will be faster and easier.

Cornerstone Recruiting

Boost your employer branding

Do you want to communicate what makes you unique? Promote your company and reach the best candidates through SEO custom pages, optimized for high rankings in web searches.
Cornerstone Recruiting

Transform candidates into employees in an instant

You already have the best candidate… now what? Generate a WOW effect on your new employees, fully personalizing their experience through Onboarding functions.

Cornerstone Recruiting

Make better decisions

Generate detailed reports and dashboards with the most relevant graphs and indicators for your organization, enhancing and facilitating decision-making.

About us

We are an expert team, with more than 15 years of experience in the HR technology sector. In addition, we are the only partner in Spain fully dedicated to the implementation of Cornerstone OnDemand projects.

The Ultimate Success Formula:
Cornerstone Recruiting Suite + evoluxia make it!

Discover how evoluxia can take your processes in people management to the next level.

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