In challenging, changing and demanding work environments, employees are required to learn constantly. In order to achieve this goal, there’s nothing better than the most complete training system in the world: Cornerstone Learning. We show you how we can boost your company’s learning strategy, making a difference.

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5 reasons to choose
Cornerstone Learning:

Cornerstone Learning

All your training in an integrated environment

A centralized, easy and intuitive system that will allow you to manage and adapt all training activities for your employees: face-to-face, online, social learning, podcasts and more. All of this, integrated with other processes such as onboarding, career plans, development plans or skills management.

Cornerstone Learning

Learning on-demand

In the best Netflix or Spotify style, your employees will have content available in playlists, accessing flexible and innovative training solutions wherever and whenever they want.
Cornerstone Learning

Committed and motivated employees

Allow your employees to be the leaders of their own development, personalizing their training itineraries. Also, maintain a high engagement with gamified dynamics: points, badges and recognitions, rankings and clans.

Cornerstone Learning

In Spain, integrated management with FUNDAE

Save time and manual efforts. Cornerstone Learning has a whole system of automated processes that will facilitate the management for the training bonus.

Cornerstone Learning

Make better decisions

Generate detailed reports and dashboards with the most relevant graphs and indicators for your organization, enhancing and facilitating decision-making.

About us

We are an expert team, with more than 15 years of experience in the HR technology sector. In addition, we are the only partner in Spain fully dedicated to the implementation of Cornerstone OnDemand projects.

The Ultimate Success Formula:
Cornerstone Learning + evoluxia make it!

Discover how evoluxia can take your processes in people management to the next level.

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