eIP: evoluxia Integration Platform

We know the needs of our clients and we are passionate about finding different ways to provide a comprehensive, reliable and personalized service. This is how eIP ‘evoluxia Integration Platform’ was born, our own integration platform based on AWS (Amazon Web Services) that allows Cornerstone to be integrated with any other system. The most reliable and secure way to have all your exact information, always updated and without surprises.

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5 reasons to choose our own integration system ‘evoluxia Integration Platform’:

‘Data Power’

All the power of your information permanently in communication with Cornerstone. Our system sends and receives data constantly, guaranteeing an exact and always up-to-date integration.

Data processing and transformation

We manage any data processing that is necessary. Do not worry about its type, shape or size, we take care of everything!

Different integration models

We analyze and use the best communication methods between systems for your data. We generate files; we work with APIs, Web Services among others.

We adapt to you

We are passionate about providing personalized experiences and this is no exception. All the ‘end to end’ integration is created to suit you and your requirements.

We control that everything runs smoothly

We keep track constantly to identify possible synchronization and communication errors of the systems.

The Ultimate Success Formula:
All your information perfectly synchronized with Cornerstone + eIP (evoluxia integration platform)!

Discover how evoluxia can take your processes in people management to the next level.

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