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evoluxia was born as a commitment to innovation in technology for HR: Based on the Cornerstone OnDemand cloud suite, we have created our own approach based on ‘best practice’ and success stories for start-ups, medium-sized and large companies.

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Why you should choose us?

In our DNA, efficiency and agility are the most predominant factors. We are characterized by an innovative way of working within HR technology consulting. That is why choosing the Cornerstone + evoluxia formula will be the best option for your company.

Do you want to know why? We tell you some of the characteristics of our success, based on our project management methodology and most importantly, supported by more than 60 modules implemented in our clients

‘Make it!’ Methodology

We have already told you that we love efficiency and agility, right? Our own ‘Make it!’ Approach uses best practices and process definitions from previous successful experiences to create a pre-designed system that saves time and facilitates project implementations. We have a whole range of possibilities for you. Make it simple, make it faster, make it smarter, make it better!

We fully adjust to your needs

No company can look like another, neither their needs can be compared, however, our way of managing projects adapts to any format, size and sector. Depending on the needs of your company, we can help you define the people management processes and choose the functions that best suit them.

Optimize time and focus on your team

The solutions that your company needs in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the way we work, we can ensure the implementation of Cornerstone OnDemand in a record time of 3 weeks, according to the chosen methodology. We build a project calendar adapted to your needs, with a reduced dedication for the internal team and guaranteeing maximum profitability.

Our own solutions and connectors

Thanks to our expertise in technology, we have been able to create our own solutions that facilitate the integration and communication of Cornerstone OnDemand with other systems (payroll, time management, content, HR, etc.). For example, our connector for payroll will allow a permanent transfer of data, keeping your employees’ information always updated.

Experience and knowledge, our best reference

We are an expert team, with more than 15 years of experience in the HR technology sector. We have worked for companies from different industries and with international presence; which allows us to offer our clients solutions, success stories and models based on ‘best practices’. In addition, we are the only partner in Spain fully dedicated to the implementation of Cornerstone OnDemand projects

Discover how evoluxia can take your processes in people management to the next level.

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